Our patented Watt Technology
allows you to protect in style.

Watt technology, thanks to a structure that mimics a Faraday cage made of elastic conducting wires, is able to dampen the impact of electromagnetic waves.

Tests on tissues constructed with this technology have shown that electromagnetic waves are dissipated almost radically.

Human cells are thus less stressed by electromagnetic fields, which are potentially harmful to human well-being because they alter the complex balances of the neuromuscular system.
Because of its structure, it is able to prevent the propagation of particulate matter by filtering out volatile droplets, but at the same time it is breathable, hydrophobic so as not to absorb moisture, bacteriostatic to prevent the proliferation of bacteria and odors. This bacteriostatic property is made possible by the combined action of a silver wire and a technological treatment.

This was achieved by the Woven structure and the use of yarns with a limited cross-sectional area but with a very large number of filaments, so that great filtering power and at the same time lightness and comfort are achieved.

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