with Watt Technology

Silk/viscose monoelastic fabric with a silky
smooth hand and elegant appearance.

It is a lightweight fabric that caresses the skin with its fluidity. It is an Easy Care fabric that allows for reduced washing due in part to its bacteriostatic and odor free treatment. It is mainly designed for application in functional fashion garments such as light dresses, tops, women’s shirts.

Lightweight, Easy care

Use cases:
Light dress, Tops, Shirts

Technical specifications
  • Article code: Melodie-St-Watt-Ps
  • Composition 75% VI 15% SE 6% EA 3% PA 1% ME
  • Weight: 90 gr/m2
  • Elongation: Warp/Vertical: 45% – Weft/Horizontal: NA
  • Durability of Antiviral/Antibacterial: Lasts at least 30 gentle washes at 30°C (86°F)
  • Hypoallergenic: provides self-sanitizing and germ resistant surface
  • Antibacterial Activity – Agar Diffusion Test UNI EN ISO 20645:2005: Good Antibacterial Effect – No Bacteria Development
  • Oeko-tex and REACH certified
  • 100% Made in Italy

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