Inside Trama fabrics is relentless technological research because the technological component makes the difference, within a contemporary and elegant look.
The exaltation of Italian textile tradition.

A new generation fabric that can protect against electromagnetic fields. Precious as a hug, soft as a caress, impalpable as a thought, Trama fabrics are intended for the most evolved fashion and interior design brands.
Thanks to the special structure and insertion of silver threads, distinct bioactive properties and improved level of tissue-skin interaction, they increase blood circulation and bring extraordinary benefits to the skin and underlying tissues.

Our patented technology can be applied to a variety of areas, from fashion garments to sportswear to home collections.

Trama fabrics are produced in Italy with full respect for the environment using the latest technology and are Oeko-Tex and Reach certified.
Because true luxury does not stop at appearances.


With WATT Technology

Fast Drying, UV Protection, Lightweight, Athleisure, Outdoor, Upper, Casual


With WATT Technology

Lightweight, Compression, Muscle Support, Abrasion Resistant, UV Protection, Hiking, Running, Cycling, Yoga


With WATT Technology

Antibacterical, Shielding, Mats, Shawls, Travel, Blankets


With WATT Technology

Anti Allergenic, Water Repellent, No Abrasion, Gowns, Coverings, Hi-Tech Spor


With WATT Technology

Easy Care, Odor Free, Shirt, Functional Fashion, Upper Casual


With WATT Technology

Lightweight, Easy Care, Light Dress, Tops, Shirts


With WATT Technology

Lightweight, Transparent, Curtains, Room Dividers, Can be coupled with other fabrics


With WATT Technology

Lightweight, Compact, Jackets, Vests, Swim Shorts

Can’t find the right fabric?

All Trama fabrics are fully customizable in appearance
and structure. Trama works closely with fashion brands to study
together the best aesthetic and functional solutions.