A revolution in
hi-tech luxury
Style meets tech
A new generation of fabrics combining luxury and function is born. They protect against electromagnetic waves and provide optimal comfort.
waves protection
Increase Skin
Promotes rebuilding of Injuried Tissues

Our fabrics

The Technology


Trama believes that environmental protection is a key element in doing business ethically and consciously, today and tomorrow.

This, in addition to an ethical-social commitment, also represents and will represent a factor of competitiveness in the years to come.
This is why Trama has devised an integrated eco-sustainability process that is based on the ISO 14001 standard and sees environmental management as the dominant element of every phase of its production cycle with a holistic approach. Central to every choice is the focus on these issues at every stage of the process, raising awareness among all employees by cooperating with Suppliers and Customers on these issues.

Let’s weave it together.

All Trama fabrics are fully customizable in appearance and structure. Trama works closely with fashion brands to study together the best aesthetic and functional solutions.