Welcome at Trama Italy


Trama is an Italian leading-edge luxury brand especially designed for the most discerning and avant-garde clientele.

We are pioneers in merging textile technology and craftsmanship and putting them at the service of human wellbeing through our exclusive collections.

Made with an ultra innovative patented fabric, woven together with real gold and silver fibers, our precious apparel protects the body from electromagnetic radiation that surround us in everyday contexts, while increasing blood circulation and bringing outstanding benefits to the skin.

Our creations intertwine extreme functionality with bespoke sophistication; indeed, every single garment we make is a unique piece of art, entirelyhandcrafted in Italy. 

We give our clients the opportunity to choose the design, the colors as well as to personalise their garments with handmade Italian embroidery. We want our clothes to fully reflect their taste, needs and creative flair for a self-rewarding experience of co-creation. 

At Trama, we believe there’s no higher luxury than being able to fully take care of yourself.

Join us for an all-rounded, exclusive experience of wearable wellbeing.